For air filters Class M5 – F9

How many times have you seen the “Eurovent Certified Performance” logo on air filters?
Certainly lots of times. You also probably thought it was just a marketing ploy to increase sales, but in actual fact it’s not. This brand guarantees that the product you purchased meets certain quality standards and the performances declared. It is a protection for you. Below is a brief explanation on who issues it and how it protects your interests.

The certification company: Eurovent Certita Certification

The ”Eurovent Certified Performance” is issued by “Eurovent Certita Certification” (ECC), an independent body that meets the highest levels of independence, reliability, integrity and meets the requirements of the EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 standards. It offers many other programmes in addition to air filtration.
Founded in 2013 by the merger between Eurovent Certification Company and Certita, it has its roots in Eurovent, (Europe’s Industry Association for Indoor Climate (HVAC), process cooling and food cold chain technologies), which started to develop in the 1950s when the market for heating and refrigeration systems started to grow rapidly.

The mark of its certification is today recognised worldwide.

GeneralFilter Group test rig ISO 16890
Testing a bag filter on GeneralFilter’s Test RIG

How does it protect you?

By performing tests according to internationally recognised laws
To analyse the filtering devices, ECC bases itself on the EN 15805:2010 and ISO 16890:2016 standards, two reference standards for the HVAC industry. The first defines the size of the front frame, while the second determines the classification, measuring equipment (RIG test), gravimetric arrestance and its measurement. The last part indicates the procedure and instrumentation for determining the discharged efficiency.

By certifying the information declared
Once suitability of the device has been guaranteed, the model and performances are published on the website which can be consulted by anyone. The information is easily available. For example, if you want to know which GeneralFilter filters have been approved, just click on the menu item “certified products”, select “Access by participant”, scroll through the list, click on GeneralFilter and then on FIL / AIR FILTER (Air Filters class M5-F9).
From the moment the data is published on the website, the manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that the declared performances are maintained. To this end, the Eurovent Certita Certification body can carry out random checks.

By verifying that the data published are always respected
An anonymous reporting system allows identifying the filters that no longer meet the standards. Once the alert has been received, ECC takes samples from the market and retests them to verify that the performances still correspond to those declared. If any anomalies are found, the manufacturer is penalised.

What are the reference parameters?

For certification purposes, various technical factors are taken into consideration, such as the rated air flow, shape, depth, type of filtering medium and number of bags for bag filters or Vs for V-type filters.
The evaluated performances are the filter class, the initial pressure drop and average efficiency. If the energy efficiency of the element needs to be certified, the consumption and energy class will also be tested.
The results obtained are published on the website and are guaranteed by ECC.
How can you recognise a certified product?
You know that a filter is approved by Eurovent Certita Certification when it carries the “Eurovent Certified Performance” logo.

generalfilter eurovent certified performance label

At times, it also comes in the version shown below, which indicates that the energy class has also been tested.

generalfilter eurovent certified performance energy label

A logo synonymous with trust

By examining the filters according to international standards, ensuring the certified performances and monitoring the manufacturer’s compliance with these standards, ECC provides a credible guarantee. That’s why numerous companies in the industry, including us, certify their filters according to the Eurovent Certified Performance Programme.
Are you still in doubt?
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