Eurovent Certified Performance

Para filtros de aire clase M5-F9 ¿Cuántas veces habrás visto el logo “Eurovent Certified Performance” en los equipos para el filtrado del aire? Muchas habrán sido, seguramente. Probablemente, habrás pensado ...

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GF for Cairo Airport

Cairo Airport, the second busiest airport in Africa after that of Johannesburg, which serves more than 65 airlines, thanks to the addition of the new Terminal 2, will reach ...

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New Energy Saving Filters

It is estimated that in a commercial building the air conditioning system contributes to approximately 50% to energy consumption and that, in particular, the air filtration system it is ...

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GF News is born!

We believe in working together to help improve the world and the environment in which we live with the strong belief that that the air we breathe is a ...

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